Digitalk is proud to announce that its innovative Carrier Cloud solution has been selected by Telesom, a fast-growing provider of telecommunications services in Somaliland. Established in 2002, Telesom operates the most extensive network in Somaliland, providing a wide range of communications services, including mobile voice and data, internet, fixed telephony and mobile financial services.

Determination to improve the lives of their community and sustained financial success have led Telesom to seek new ways to ensure operational efficiency, particularly for wholesale and inter-carrier services. Carrier Cloud, a complete Wholesale Platform as a Service Solution, provides rich automation tools to help boost operational performance, while enabling profit optimisation for international traffic.

Telesom is committed to the delivery of high-quality, yet affordable services and to the sustainable development of the Somaliland economy. The adoption of Digitalk Carrier Cloud provides a clear path to cost reduction while contributing to these goals.

“Our retail services have grown, and we need to ensure that we focus on the expansion of our national and international services to serve our growing customer base,” commented Mahamud Abdirahman, Director of Business Development and International Relations of Telesom. “Partnering with Digitalk Carrier Cloud means that we secure the best available platform for our international traffic while protecting our cost base to support further national investments.”

The migration to Carrier Cloud has been managed in close conjunction with the Digitalk delivery team.

“We worked closely with Telesom to enable rapid onboarding to Carrier Cloud, providing a seamless transition for existing services and a clear pathway for continued growth,” added Neil French, CTO of Digitalk. “Our ongoing investments provide continuous innovation and a sustainable, cloud-based future for Telesom’s growth.”

Telesom is also establishing itself as a dependable choice for stable, high capacity termination into Somaliland. The company intends to leverage the ability to enforce quality of service with proactive monitoring provided by Carrier Cloud to offer differentiated, high-quality termination routes with dedicated private lines to Somaliland. This new service will enable international carriers to deliver traffic to the country, further boosting economic collaboration and development opportunities.

Digitalk Carrier Cloud enables Telesom to reach a growing network of delivery partners, in a host-neutral environment. As a result, Telesom can focus on more innovative offers and plans for its customers, boosting the Somaliland economy. The automated quality and service management features of Carrier Cloud ensure that Telesom can meet its quality and performance goals and deliver services to its customers. It is the latest in a long series of new contracts in Africa, bringing new service levels to international voice traffic delivery.

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